Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Almost Better!!!

Almost Better!
That's all I need to say about that.
It's been an awful week of fever, headaches, dizzyness, cough and weakness. But this week, it's back to the grindstone! Back to work, back to play and back to keeping track of my little rugrats!

Although I'm still hanging on to my fun cough I'm able to get back online and get back in the crochet saddle.
I have been reading a ton this last week and I admit my fingers feel a little rusty holding a crochet hook again. I have busted through about 4 good sized books. And most of the book of Deuteronomy in the Bible. To be truthful, I listened to that one because I was even too weak to read on that day.
My books ranged in genera from Sci-Fi, to historical romantic fiction, to 1899 Manhattan upper class scandals to modern day Texas Ranger mystery. I even read a contemporary girl drama book about women finding friendship and leaning on each other during times of difficulty.

With the list I've read this last week it's hard to pinpoint my preferred genera. My DH calls my usual preference of TV shows "murder, death, mysteries". (see CSI, Law & Orders, The Mentalist...) but I'll often be seen watching comedy sitcoms too! I love Frasier, Friends, Dharma & Greg etc.
But when it comes to books many times I'll be seen with an historical drama romance? fiction.
Some of my favorite authors are Francine Rivers, Janette Oke, Margaret Daley, Sue Grafton, John Grisham, Murray Pura, Beverly Lewis, Suzanne Collins, Jean M Auel, Frank Peretti, Danielle Steele, Jane Austin, and I know I'm missing some great ones!

Want to share some of your favorite books or authors? Tell me!

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