Thursday, February 14, 2013

Special Order Cards- I'm So Thankful

I love getting special order for cards from friends and acquaintances; or anyone for that matter. I love even more when someone gives me general guidelines like "Make it cute", or "Put a scripture verse on it".
I once got a special order to make five cards for the writers of a great womens bible study on the Psalms. All I had to go on was make it cute, pretty and maybe have a scripture on it.
Okay, sounds easy enough, right? Well, first I have to come up with a design; so I go through my card sketches to get some ideas.

I find a layout I like then dive into my paper stash. What do have? Do I have enough to make 5 cards?
Check out my embellishments. What will work with this design? Again, do I have enough?

Usually I do a sample card to figure out exact measurements for cutting and so forth.

Then I do all the cutting, distressing and stamping.

Finally assemble, put on finishing touches and get the envelopes! Voila, it's done!

I go through the same process with each special order I get to make sure your card creation is unique and special.
I just finished a set of cards for a customer last night.
This is what I came up with. Leave a comment if you like it!

I have a ton of cards I have done for store on Pinterest if you want to check out my "Cards for Stores" board.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Get A Free QR Code For Your Website

I am feeling so trendy! I got a QR code (quick response code)  for my business website. I found a free website that conjures up a QR code for you ad all you need to give is your website. It's pretty slick.
What do you think?

I plan to put this little square of goodness on my business cards, labels and anything else I can think of.

Even though I don't have a smart phone, I wanted to add a QR code to my cards since most people have easy access to a smart phone.
QR codes are popping up everywhere.  I liked the idea of having direct access to my website with a quick scan.

Stay posted to see some of the designs for business cards and labels I come up with!

Keep scrapping!