Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Just Kidding Around

Image result for music note symbol
Image result for music note symbol And Mom and Dad Can Hardly Wait for School to Start Again...

This is my theme song! Two weeks off school seems like a great idea at the beginning but nearing the end of Christmas break it seems a bit excessive! Ha!
The kids had a great time and even though they got pretty restless at the end they were sad to see the break come to an end.

These two cuties were definitely a handful! Now that we are back in the routine of school things have calmed down a bit. But when it comes to my 8 year old daughter who thinks she is already a teenager... oh my goodness!
I have a hard time knowing how to handle a strong-willed opinionated, stubborn daughter!

I have not had any time this "vacation" to work on my crochet but I hope to get started again soon. I need to finish a baby blanket for a friend before I start any other projects. Any suggestions for what I should start next?

But first: this blanket is pretty neat. I am using a new stitch I learned called the "blanket stitch". It ends up looking very cool and a bit different from just a regular double crochet. I'll post a photo when I'm done with a short tutorial!
Until then; have a great day!

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