Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Such a Crazy Start to the Year!

So things have been a little weird this last week.
My dear husband (dh) has been sick for about a week now. He is pretty laid back normally and makes a terrible man-child sick patient. It works best if I leave him alone to munch on crackers by himself and his laptop. I'm not Nurse Rached, from "One Flew Out of the Cukoo's Nest, but I'm no Florence Nightengale either!
As if to make matters worse, my sweet, wonderful kids chose Sunday to play with matches, start a fire and make some nice holes in our new ottoman. It is less than a month old! Oh boy.

And then I saw the dining room table. The kids thought it would be a fun game to throw a fist sized rock at each other and use a little umbrella to block the throws! CRACK!!! Our glass table cover is broken... and good!

So the kids literally spent the day in their bedrooms. My son got all toys taken out of his room, his new Batman sheets were stripped from his bed. All stuffed animals (except one) got evacuated and he took about two naps that day.
My daughter was also punished for participating in this mess. She spent the day in her room and also took two naps. When there's nothing better to do you sleep, I guess!

My dh is still sick but on the mend and though I feel a little unwell,I have not crossed over to actually sick. Let's hope it stays that way.

I think that's all for now.
Tomorrow's another day!

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